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In my memory

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PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 2:26 am    Post subject: In my memory Reply with quote

In my memory, Shi Tiesheng, just a misfortune-related person, remembers his misfortune roughly and vaguely. He used to leave me touched, or a sigh of sigh Marlboro Gold, has been taken away in a hurry and quietly by the time. I saw a photo of Shi Tiesheng online Wholesale Cigarettes, and he was laughing. It was a kind old man, he smiled so warmly, so calmly, so generously. But I felt the vicissitudes in it. People who don't know him looked at the photos, and I would never have thought that he had such a rough life. When he was alive, half of his time was spent in various diseases. However, his eyes concealed all self-pity and sorrow. Yeah, Shi Tiesheng is unfortunate, but he said that he is intentional, "Every stone, every grass, every leaf, will flow out of agar slurry, as long as I have the heart, the intention, there is a time to suck", I do n��t know How to understand the "heartedness" of a man who lost his legs in his midlife, when I tried to understand him, only my heart was lost in the haze of his legs, lingering, shouldering pain to pursue himself The value is even more mixed. When he wants to stand between the world and become a man, and wants to take up the responsibility of being a man, he unexpectedly becomes disabled. The helplessness that can never stand, what is the degree of such pain, and whether Shi Tiesheng can use the word "pain" to describe it, I can't know, maybe as Shi Tiesheng said "some things are only suitable for collection, It cannot be said or thought, but it cannot be forgotten. They will not become languages, let alone languages, and once they become languages, they will no longer be them. " In Shi Tiesheng ��s world, I think that God is unfair. He irresponsibly cast a net of fate on Shi Tiesheng, causing him to suffer. This kind of ordeal's tempering of his temperament is reflected in his In every piece. When he pursued the value of life with a pen, standing behind him always encouraged his mother, fell down, and never came back. This made Shi Tiesheng's life path turn into rugged and muddy again, and gave him a heavy blow once again. In his article "Acacia Tree": He asked: "Why did God call his mother back early?" It took a long, long time before he heard the answer: "Her heart is too bitter, God sees that she can't stand it, She was called back. "Shi Tiesheng's works often reveal his remorse for his mother, which shows how deep he feels about mother's love. The ups and downs and rich emotions are all factors that make him a writer. With the text as a mirror, it can be understood Mind. Shi Tiesheng's article, devoted his rich feelings Cigarettes Online, complained of the pain in his heart, and said that the only love in the world is eternity, which is gripping.
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