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with regret-I did n��t get th

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PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 2:25 am    Post subject: with regret-I did n��t get th Reply with quote

Hey, look, the flowers I bought yesterday fell off! Yeah, also ... and larvae! "My mother is doing housework, and I am very distressed to see that my beloved flower has suffered such a tragedy. As a graduate student, I entered into contemplation. I held my forehead and thought: the life of the flowers is too short, and the fake flowers are not fragrant. Can't make a flower that has both the fragrance of real flowers and the life span of fake flowers? Suddenly, my mother screamed: "My daughter, look at it quickly. A graduate student invented a multifunctional fake flower Newport 100S. You are a few steps behind others! "Mom pointed at the newspaper and looked at me. I blushed suddenly Marlboro Cigarettes. It turned out that my mom already saw that I was going to study fake flowers." Let's go buy one! "I went to the closet and changed my clothes and said to my mother. I want to see who invented this. I drove a fuel-efficient car and came to the research workplace that the newspaper said. Wow, so many people. I saw a graduate student wearing a research uniform. I was so happy that I jumped out of the car and ran over. I forgot even if my mother did not come out in the car. I walked to the booth and saw the inventor Ye Xiaoman just standing There, he asked, "Hello, where is your invention? Can you introduce it to me? "Yes, this is the multifunctional flower I invented." "Ye Xiaoman warmly introduced it to me. I picked up a few and looked at it carefully. The appearance of this flower is almost the same as the ordinary fake flower. But from all angles, it is more realistic. The green leaves set off There are bright flowers, and it is difficult to tell whether they are true or false. "This flower has solved the three major" disease "of discoloration, insects and odor. I used genes for insecticides and color factors. It works well, you can smell it. "Xiaoman explained to me the usefulness of the flower. I smelled it, ah, it smells so good. I seem to have entered the sea of ??flowers." This flower is still almost the same as the real flower. open. At night, you can put flowers in the bedroom. That scent can relax your nerves and quickly fall asleep. "After listening to Xiaoman's introduction, I had to admire her invention, which is really amazing. I suddenly remembered a question and said:" I will give you an opinion. The name of this multifunctional fake flower is not suitable, it is better to call it ... called super flowers. "Yeah, thank you! Let me give you some flowers! "Xiaoman took my hand happily. I was about to reach for the flowers, and suddenly heard a vague cry from my car. Yeah, it was broken, and my mother was still in the car. I do n��t care about getting the flowers, so I hurried back and went back like that. I went home with regret-I did n��t get the flowers. I comforted myself: Hey, what ��s wrong with this, I will invent a better one later. But I didn't go in vain Parliament Cigarettes, and I gained some insight: fake flowers are also useful.
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