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Tomato is one of my

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2020 2:54 am    Post subject: Tomato is one of my Reply with quote

Tomato is one of my favorite fruits and vegetables, sweet and sour, delicious and nutritious! But how does it grow and bloom until it bears fruit? During the summer vacation, my father and I planted and observed the whole process of tomato growth. Dad bought me a full tomato packaging box online. I saw several bags in it: filled with ceramsite, cultivated soil and covering soil, and of course, tomato seeds and compound nutrients. My dad and I started planting according to the instructions. , We first pour the ceramsite into the flower pot, and then pour the soil on it. Dad told me: "The bottom of the pottery grain is to allow the root of the tomato to breathe fully during the growth process. It is like a person, and it will die without air." I poured half a bottle of water like a hardworking bee Go in until the hole under the flower pot seeps water. This is because the seeds germinate when they are full of water. Now it ��s time to sow the seeds Do n��t look at the large tomatoes we eat, but the seeds are really small Marlboro Red, and you ca n��t see them by accident. I gently put the seeds into the pots and sprinkle the cover soil Cigarettes For Sale, and the whole planting process is done. Dad asked me to put the flower pots with little tomatoes on the balcony. He said that the sunshine would make the little tomatoes grow faster. In the process of planting small tomatoes, I know that not only the right temperature but also sufficient air, moisture, sunlight and fertile soil are needed for seed germination. It takes a week for the tomato to germinate, and then I will continue to water and fertilize. After 6 days, the seeds germinated. After another 5 days, fine hairs grew on the stems, and four symmetrical flower blades grew on the buds. After another 10 days, because the buds were too dense, the seedlings were moved to other places for planting, leaving only 2 plants in the pot. One month and 23 days, the sprouts blossomed beautiful yellow flowers. It ��s not a good shot, what a pity! But the problem appeared. In Hangzhou, China, there were successively high temperatures of 39 �� C. Photosynthesis was significantly weakened. The leaves began to wither and die, and the flowers fell off. Fortunately, Dad bought it in time and sprayed the chlorpyrifos. After 2 days, the fermented urine was poured into the root. Twenty days later, the plants came back to life and then re-grow and flower. After 10 days, the green fruit came out again. But Tiangong did not make beauty, and sunny and hot weather of 29 �� appeared again and again, and the fruit grew slowly. After 25 days, the first fruit finally matured into a red tomato. By observing the growth process of tomatoes, I found that tomatoes have the habit of warmth and heat resistance, and are most suitable for growing in the environment of 20-25 ��. If the temperature rises above 28 �� C, photosynthesis will obviously weaken and the tomato will slow down growth; when the temperature is above 32 �� C, it will stop growing. The measures that can be taken are spraying pesticidal, watering fertilizer, and moving to a cool place. I ��ve worked hard and harvested it for two months of hard work. I ��ve got such a full plate of results. My father said that the tomatoes we planted are pollution-free organic tomatoes.
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