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th. We sho

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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 9:06 am    Post subject: th. We sho Reply with quote

experience may not be very deep, and will soon change emotions because of a happy thing. Due to the high degree of concern for one's own emotional experience, there are often very strong emotions, but this strong feeling often has a self-exaggerated component. The emotions of middle school students often fluctuate between storms and tenderness, which makes them show obvious instability in emotional response. The negative moods of middle school students mainly include trouble, depression and loneliness. Like two-sidedness, this is not conducive to the healthy development of our body and mind. Of course, our middle school students are in adolescence. The physiological level and psychological quality are not perfect: we have good wishes and ideas, but insufficient psychological preparation; although we have well-understood emotions and reason, they are not coordinated and unified; we are very aggressive, but autonomous The power is too weak. Almost every middle school student has good wishes, full of longing and longing for the future. They fantasize about being a learned and respected person, but in fact they often do not study hard and spend the day as a day. Although our aspirations are beautiful, all we pursue is the honor and enjoyment after the realization of our ideals, and we need to work hard from now on to realize our ideals, but we did n��t think too much, and we did n��t do enough. The contradiction between good wishes and psychological preparation; middle school students are easy to be emotional, but also emotional. On the one hand, we are full of enthusiasm and passion, on the other hand, our emotions are extremely susceptible to outside influence and impulsive. We avoid the things we like and have high enthusiasm and those we are not interested in [][/url]. This shows that our emotions and feelings are in a bipolar state of ups and downs, and it is difficult to control them in a timely manner. Most of the students in the middle school are aggressive and enterprising, which is inseparable from our curiosity, self-esteem and strong motivation It's open. But we do n��t think about problems carefully, we often have a strong emotional color to look at the people and things around us, so sometimes we insist on seeing one-sidedly, and ask the teacher to do what we want, and if we do n��t agree, we refuse or push forward. Can't control yourself, act on impulse, and regret it afterwards. All this shows that the development of the will quality of our middle school students is not yet mature, and the ability of self-control and control is not strong. Due to the many psychological problems of our middle school students, we should have a correct realistic attitude. First of all, we must realize that the psychological problem of middle school students is a cross-cultural social psychological phenomenon. This phenomenon has existed in the past, now, and will appear in the future. Therefore, for the psychological problems that arise in middle school students, it should be calm. Secondly, we must correctly analyze the psychological nature of middle school students. This kind of psychology is sometimes very contradictory, but the positive psychology of middle school students is a mirror. If it can be properly used and guided, it can not only receive good educational results, but also promote the healthy development of youth health. In the process of forming the self-consciousness of middle school students, the unhealthy psychological phenomenon is a very common and common phenomenon, which has a non-negligible impact on the psychological development of teenagers. The current educational practice, especially the ideological and political education of young people, is increasingly important to deal with the unhealthy psychological problems of young people. Due to the diversity of youth ��s unhealthy psychological causes and the universality of the scope, it is not easy to completely eliminate them. The key is that we must treat these unhealthy psychology of middle school students correctly and seize the favorable opportunity for self- comprehensive and meticulous education. The result is more effective with less effort. Of course, healthy middle school students ��psychological standards mainly include learning mental health []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], which is reflected in the main body of learning, gaining satisfaction from learning, improving physical and brain development, and maintaining contact with the real environment during learning to eliminate unnecessary fears , And eventually form good study habits; there is also mental health in interpersonal relationships, can understand each other ��s rights and obligations, can objectively understand others, care about others ��requirements, sincere praise, good criticism and active communication, maintain their own personality Integrity, etc .; also reflected in the mental health of the self, good at evaluating himself correctly, knowing himself through others, timely and correct attribution can achieve the purpose of self-knowledge, expand his life experience, and according to his actual situation Establish the level of ambition and self-control []Marlboro Red[/url]. As middle school students and teenagers, we are in the flower season of youth. We at the age of fifteen or six should take responsibility for what we do, and establish a healthy outlook on life, world outlook, values ??and ambitious and specific ideals. Develop good habits and etiquette, and cultivate elegant sentiments. At this age, the quality of our psychological condition is very important. It is related to our growth. We should actively and correctly face those bad psychology, understand, improve, solve, and eventually change. In this way, our psychology will become more mature, and the path of our growth will become wider and wider and smoother.

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