Air Date Time Show Name Epis# Episode Title
21-Sep-2020 00:35 Late Night with Seth Meyers S2020E110 Elizabeth Banks, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brendan Hunt
21-Sep-2020 00:35 The Late Late Show with James Corden S2020E88 Alicia Keys
21-Sep-2020 03:00 The Real S07E01 Season 7 Premiere! The Real Welcomes New Co-Host Garcelle Beauvais; Denise Richards; Black Lives Mat
21-Sep-2020 03:01 Sexology with Shan Boodram S01E121 Going Deep With Jeannie Mai
21-Sep-2020 04:30 Grand Designs New Zealand S06E02 Piha Clifftop Retreat
21-Sep-2020 05:30 The Block S16E17 Bedroom & Bathroom Week
21-Sep-2020 06:00 Australian Story S25E23 Beenham Valley Road - Part 2
21-Sep-2020 06:30 Four Corners (AU) S2020E33 The Hunt For Britain's Slave Gangs
21-Sep-2020 06:30 Have You Been Paying Attention? S08E21 Ed Kavalee, Melanie Bracewell, Tony Martin, Celia Pacquola, Sam Pang
21-Sep-2020 07:20 Media Watch S2020E33 Episode 33
21-Sep-2020 07:30 Loose Women S25E16 21/09/20 - Laura Bates, Cheryl Fergison
21-Sep-2020 07:50 Big Hero 6: The Series S03E01 The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E07 Tractors
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E08 SUVs
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E09 Satellites
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E10 Space Rockets
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E11 Airplane Meals
21-Sep-2020 09:00 Made in a Day S01E12 Hot Sauce
21-Sep-2020 09:30 30 Minute Meals S30E03 Chicken Paillard with Salad
21-Sep-2020 09:30 DuckTales S03E08 The Phantom and the Sorceress!
21-Sep-2020 10:00 Escape to the Country S21E05 Derbyshire
21-Sep-2020 10:30 The God of High School S01E12 FOX/GOD
21-Sep-2020 11:00 Rachael Ray S15E06 Chefs Guy Fieri, Andrew Zimmern and Curtis Stone
21-Sep-2020 11:00 The View S2020E10 Neil deGrasse Tyson
21-Sep-2020 11:30 The Repair Shop S2020E16 Tired Teddy Bear
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E15 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.1)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E16 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.2)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E17 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.3)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E18 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.4)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E19 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.5)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E20 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.6)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E21 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.7)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E22 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.8)
21-Sep-2020 11:55 Great Pretender S01E23 Wizard of Far East (Case 4.9)
21-Sep-2020 12:23 Fruits Basket S02E25 I'm Different Now
21-Sep-2020 12:30 The Young and the Restless S2020E108 Ep. #11951
21-Sep-2020 13:00 Days of Our Lives S2020E185 Ep. #13940
21-Sep-2020 13:30 Sommerhytta S04E21 Episode 21
21-Sep-2020 13:30 Taagad S02E44 Brothers' War
21-Sep-2020 13:30 The Bold and the Beautiful S2020E116 Ep. #8362
21-Sep-2020 14:00 Éjjel-Nappal Budapest S08E50 Episode 50
21-Sep-2020 14:00 Familie S30E21 30/021 - 6624
21-Sep-2020 14:00 General Hospital (US) S2020E123 Ep. #14575
21-Sep-2020 14:00 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden S31E13 Aflevering 6268
21-Sep-2020 14:00 The Talk S2020E142 2020-09-21
21-Sep-2020 14:10 Thuis S26E16 Episode 4850
21-Sep-2020 14:30 Coronation Street S61E144 Monday 21st September
21-Sep-2020 14:30 Coronation Street S61E145 Monday 21st September
21-Sep-2020 14:30 EastEnders S36E79 Monday 21st September
21-Sep-2020 14:30 Panorama S2020E36 Banking Secrets of the Rich and Powerful
21-Sep-2020 14:45 Engrenages S08E05 Episode 5
21-Sep-2020 14:45 Engrenages S08E06 Episode 6
21-Sep-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E97 10051. rész
21-Sep-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E98 10052. rész
21-Sep-2020 15:00 Inside Animal A&E S01E03 Episode 3
21-Sep-2020 15:00 Only Connect S16E01 Pilgrims v Corkscrews
21-Sep-2020 15:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show S2020E106 Season 18 Premiere; Tiffany Haddish
21-Sep-2020 15:00 The Wendy Williams Show S13E01 Hour of Hot Topics
21-Sep-2020 15:00 Ultimate Police Interceptors S05E12 Episode 12
21-Sep-2020 15:15 Petra S01E02 Giorno da cani
21-Sep-2020 15:20 Harald Eia presenterer - Sånn er Norge S02E02 Likestilling
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E01 The Grey Lady
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E02 About Last Night
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E03 Redding Weddy
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E04 The Thomas Thorne Affair
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E05 Bump in the Night
21-Sep-2020 15:30 Ghosts S02E06 Perfect Day
21-Sep-2020 15:30 University Challenge (1994) S50E11 Episode 11
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks S04E37 Chimpmania
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks S04E38 Dad Jokes
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Judge Judy S25E09 25.9
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Judge Judy S25E10 25.10
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Paradise Hotel S15E01 Avsnitt 1
21-Sep-2020 16:00 The People's Court S24E11 Failing to repay a loan
21-Sep-2020 16:00 Wheeler Dealers (2003) S16E04 Cayenne You Dig It
21-Sep-2020 16:30 Bloggerne S13E16 Episode 16
21-Sep-2020 16:30 Ollie's Pack S01E33 Ollie's Monster Club
21-Sep-2020 16:30 Ollie's Pack S01E34 Ollie's Shadow
21-Sep-2020 16:30 Paradise Hotel S13E11 Episode 11
21-Sep-2020 19:15 Monday Night Football S2020E02 New Orleans Saints at Las Vegas Raiders
21-Sep-2020 19:30 Jeopardy! S2020E114 Sarah Twilley Vs. Brian Ross Vs. Dana Hill, show # 8241.
21-Sep-2020 20:00 90 Day Fiancé: B90 Strikes Back! S01E14 Hard Habit To Break
21-Sep-2020 20:00 American Ninja Warrior S12E03 Qualifier 3
21-Sep-2020 20:00 Anderson Cooper 360° S18E135 Episode 135
21-Sep-2020 20:00 Street Outlaws: Memphis S04E27 Mile High Memphis
21-Sep-2020 20:00 The Kelly Clarkson Show S02E01 John Legend
21-Sep-2020 20:00 The Sounds S01E05 Not for Sale
21-Sep-2020 20:00 WWE Monday Night RAW S27E38 #1426 - Amway Center in Orlando, FL
21-Sep-2020 20:30 JANN S02E01 What Did Jann Do?
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Below Deck Mediterranean S05E17 Something's Fishy
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Botched S06E23 Obsessed
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Filthy Rich S01E01 Pilot
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Halloween Baking Championship S06E02 Sweet Illusions
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Highway Thru Hell S09E02 Winch Wizard
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Love Island S02E26 Episode 26
21-Sep-2020 21:00 Love It or List It S15E16 Triplex Troubles
21-Sep-2020 21:00 The Rachel Maddow Show S2020E171 Episode 171
21-Sep-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E02 Saturday - The Son
21-Sep-2020 22:00 Bad Chad Customs S02E06 Performance Pinto
21-Sep-2020 22:00 Doomsday Caught on Camera S01E02 A Twister on a Rampage and More
21-Sep-2020 22:00 POV S33E09 In My Blood It Runs
21-Sep-2020 22:00 Ridiculousness S18E05 Chanel and Sterling CCVII
21-Sep-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E02 Right here, right now #2
21-Sep-2020 22:00 Your Worst Nightmare S06E12 Do You Love Me?
21-Sep-2020 23:00 Conan S2020E91 DIY Conan
21-Sep-2020 23:00 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah S2020E157 Anthony Fauci
21-Sep-2020 23:00 VICE News Tonight S05E97 September 21, 2020
21-Sep-2020 23:00 Watch What Happens Live S17E148 Jessica More & Alex Radcliffe
21-Sep-2020 23:35 Jimmy Kimmel Live S2020E111 Charles Barkley, The Chicks
21-Sep-2020 23:35 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert S2020E114 H.R. McMaster, Laurence Fishburne
21-Sep-2020 23:35 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon S2020E146 Julianne Moore, Chace Crawford, Polo G

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