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How do I make a proper request & what can I expect?

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:08 pm    Post subject: How do I make a proper request & what can I expect? Reply with quote

Welcome to Forum.

We welcome all visitors to our forum.

All we expect from you is that you will read these rules thoroughly and follow them
implicitly, treat all other forum members with respect, when placing a request use the
template provided below, be patient, respect all of our rules and if you are fortunate
enough to have a request fulfilled - simply say thanks and show us you appreciate our

How easy and simple is that! Ok, all we need is a few minutes of your time, so read on.

Feature Requests:

A simple rule, make it as easy as possible for us to help you - a clean, easy to read
request with all the required information is greatly appreciated by us.

As you can imagine, if your request looks like it was rushed and you couldn't be
bothered taking the time to provide all the detail, then 99% of the time we, like you,
can't be bothered either - to even read it!

For your convenience, we have included a request template.

This is our preferred style when you make a request. It's important to give
all information.

Create a Topic in the Request Forum

First go down to the bottom and "Add a Poll":
Poll question:
Do you want this request?

Poll option:
Add 2 poll options.
1: Yes - I would find that request useful.
2: No - I would not find that request useful.
You add the second option by clicking the "Add Option" button.

Run poll for:
Set it to 0 days.

Add this to the Message Body:
[Request Name]
Should be the same as the thread title.

Little something about the how it works.

[Target URL]
Put a link to the page you want the feature on.

Any comments, thanks etc...

Sometimes it is easier to understand a request if you make an image of how and where it is needed/located.
If you donít think this is needed then just delete the section.

Bumping Posts:

It is very much appreciated if you bump (push a post back to the top) a request, we take this as sign that more people want the request.
When bumping a request please add an appropriate comment to
them. 'I want this as well.' - 'I second this.' etc. etc.

Negative bumps are also ALLOWED.
But please keep the comments civilised, no need for flaming.
If you think a request would make the page worse then please feel free to speak from your heart.

Request Expectations:

"Ok, I made my request when will it be ready?"

Yes, sadly we hear this all too often. Whilst we encourage members to request new features to keep the site refreshed. Unfortunately not every request will be made.

This is a simple fact of life, 'we don't always get what we want'.
We have busy personal lives, work commitments and family commitments. Whilst
we see and consider EVERY request posted, the final decision to proceed in developing is made by us. Not all requests would keep up with our plan for the site.

Display courtesy and respect whilst in the forum and if you are lucky enough to have
your request developed - express appreciation and thanks.

If you miss out, don't worry, there's always next time.

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