CSV Exports

It is possible to download all your show/episode data with status.
VIP Members get access to this feature.
This page details the current CSV exports available.

How can I use CSV exports?

CSV exports can be used in many different situations. You could use it to maintain a local backup of your data. Use it with another service or application. View your data in a spreadsheet.

CSV Exports available

  1. [Episodes] - All episodes on your show list, with the current status of acquired/watched.
  2. [Shows] - All shows from your list, with ignored status.
  3. [Pilots] - All pilot episodes (from 30 days ago and in the future).

Base Link:


The "status" value in the export represent the following:
BLANK = No status (unacquired and unwatched)
0 = Acquired (implicit unwatched)
1 = Watched (implicit acquired)






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