Air Date Time Show Name Epis# Episode Title
03-Aug-2020 00:35 Late Night with Seth Meyers S2020E91 Sean Penn, Jane Curtin
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E01 Installing Fear
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E02 Maintaining Vigilance
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E03 Power of the Vote
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E04 The New Normal
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E05 The Right Way
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Immigration Nation S01E06 Prevention Through Detterence
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Sex Next Door S01E01 Secret Keepers
03-Aug-2020 03:01 Sexology with Shan Boodram S01E86 Confessions of a Love Addict
03-Aug-2020 03:01 The Fugitive S01E01 Wrong Place, Wrong Time
03-Aug-2020 03:01 The Fugitive S01E02 Smile for the Camera
03-Aug-2020 03:01 The Fugitive S01E03 Run!
03-Aug-2020 04:30 Neighbours S36E154 Episode 8420
03-Aug-2020 05:00 Australian Ninja Warrior S04E05 Semi Final 1
03-Aug-2020 05:00 Murder, Mystery and My Family S04E06 Staunton
03-Aug-2020 05:00 The Farmer Wants A Wife (AU) S10E04 Episode 4
03-Aug-2020 05:30 Bachelor in Paradise S03E10 Episode 10
03-Aug-2020 06:00 Australian Story S25E16 Growing Pains
03-Aug-2020 06:30 Four Corners (AU) S2020E26 The Truth About 5G
03-Aug-2020 06:30 Have You Been Paying Attention? S08E14 Ed Kavalee, Melanie Bracewell, Marty Sheargold and Anne Edmonds, Sam Pang
03-Aug-2020 07:20 Media Watch S2020E26 Episode 26
03-Aug-2020 07:30 Loose Women S24E194 03/08/20 - Stephen Mulhern
03-Aug-2020 10:30 The God of High School S01E05 ronde/hound
03-Aug-2020 12:23 Fruits Basket S02E18 Do You Wanna Kiss?
03-Aug-2020 12:55 A konyhafőnök S07E01 Episode 1
03-Aug-2020 13:00 Days of Our Lives S2020E153 Ep. #13908
03-Aug-2020 13:30 For Better or Worse S17E16 Episode 16
03-Aug-2020 13:30 Taagad S02E23 Maybe I'm not here
03-Aug-2020 13:30 The Bold and the Beautiful S2020E81 Ep. #8327
03-Aug-2020 14:00 Éjjel-Nappal Budapest S08E16 Episode 16
03-Aug-2020 14:00 Emmerdale S51E128 Monday 3rd August
03-Aug-2020 14:00 General Hospital (US) S2020E89 Ep. #14541
03-Aug-2020 14:00 Horrible Histories S09E13 Beastly Bodily Functions Special
03-Aug-2020 14:00 The Talk S2020E135 Dave Bautista, Melody Thomas Scott
03-Aug-2020 14:30 Coronation Street S61E121 Monday 3rd August
03-Aug-2020 14:30 Panorama S2020E30 Stacey Dooley and the Lockdown Babies
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E31 9985. rész
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E32 9986. rész
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Blålys S04E17 Episode 17
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Blålys S04E18 Episode 18
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Morden i Sandhamn S07E01 Blå ängel del 1
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Morden i Sandhamn S07E02 Blå ängel del 2
03-Aug-2020 15:00 Ultimate Police Interceptors S05E05 Episode 5
03-Aug-2020 15:30 University Challenge (1994) S50E04 Episode 4
03-Aug-2020 16:00 The Deceived S01E01 Episode 1
03-Aug-2020 17:00 Stargirl S01E12 Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One
03-Aug-2020 18:30 ABC World News Tonight with David Muir S2020E205 Episode 205
03-Aug-2020 18:30 CBS Evening News S2020E216 E0803
03-Aug-2020 20:00 90 Day Fiancé: B90 Strikes Back! S01E07 Who's Crying Now
03-Aug-2020 20:00 All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate S01E03 Deep-Fried Decadence
03-Aug-2020 20:00 Anderson Cooper 360° S18E112 Episode 112
03-Aug-2020 20:00 Hoarders S11E03 Althia
03-Aug-2020 20:00 Street Outlaws: Memphis S04E21 Smooth as Tennessee
03-Aug-2020 20:00 The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! S01E07 Ali Fedotowsky
03-Aug-2020 20:00 The Kelly Clarkson Show S01E162 Al Roker, Hilarie Burton Morgan
03-Aug-2020 20:00 The Titan Games S02E11 Eastern Regional Finals
03-Aug-2020 20:00 WWE Monday Night RAW S27E31 #1419 - WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL
03-Aug-2020 21:00 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way S02E10 Forgiven, Not Forgotten
03-Aug-2020 21:00 American Pickers S21E21 Desert Gold Rush
03-Aug-2020 21:00 Below Deck Mediterranean S05E10 Closing Time
03-Aug-2020 21:00 Botched S06E17 Send Me a Mir-ear-acle
03-Aug-2020 21:00 Don't Look Deeper S01E08 Beta
03-Aug-2020 21:00 Intervention S21E03 Chelan
03-Aug-2020 21:00 Penn & Teller: Fool Us S07E06 P&t In 3d... Glasses
03-Aug-2020 21:00 The Rachel Maddow Show S2020E145 Episode 145
03-Aug-2020 22:00 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Other Way S01E09 Forgiven, Not Forgotten
03-Aug-2020 22:00 American Dad! S16E17 Roger Needs Dick
03-Aug-2020 22:00 Beyond the Unknown S03E10 Hurricane Ghost, Nevada Giant and Exeter UFO Mystery
03-Aug-2020 22:00 POV S33E05 Chez Jolie Coiffure
03-Aug-2020 22:00 Your Worst Nightmare S06E05 No Escape
03-Aug-2020 23:00 Axios S03E10 Episode 10
03-Aug-2020 23:00 Into the Unknown S01E02 The Legend of Mount Shasta
03-Aug-2020 23:00 VICE News Tonight S05E73 August 3, 2020
03-Aug-2020 23:00 Watch What Happens Live S17E130 Captain Sandy Yawn & Kate Chastain
03-Aug-2020 23:35 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon S2020E125 Common, Matisse Thybulle, Rufus Wainwright

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