Air Date Time Show Name Epis# Episode Title
13-Jul-2020 00:35 Late Night with Seth Meyers S2020E79 Andy Samberg, Jalen Rose
13-Jul-2020 03:01 Sexology with Shan Boodram S01E71 PDA
13-Jul-2020 03:01 Tooning Out the News S01E45 7/14/20 INSIDE THE HILL
13-Jul-2020 03:30 Fair Go S2020E11 Episode 11
13-Jul-2020 04:30 Neighbours S36E139 Episode 8405
13-Jul-2020 05:00 Rip Off Britain S12E06 Episode 6
13-Jul-2020 05:00 The Voice (AU) S09E19 The Showdowns 2
13-Jul-2020 05:30 Big Brother S01E16 Episode 16
13-Jul-2020 05:30 MasterChef Australia S12E58 Mystery Box Challenge: Gordon Ramsay
13-Jul-2020 06:00 Back Roads S06E06 Girgarre, VIC
13-Jul-2020 06:30 Four Corners (AU) S2020E23 I Can't Breathe
13-Jul-2020 06:30 Have You Been Paying Attention? S08E11 Ed Kavalee, Denise Scott, Tony Martin, Celia Pacquola, Sam Pang
13-Jul-2020 07:20 Media Watch S2020E23 Episode 23
13-Jul-2020 07:30 Loose Women S24E179 13/07/20 - Josie Gibson, Melinda Messenger, Charlene White
13-Jul-2020 10:00 Maury S2020E57 My Teen Wife cheats... Am i her baby's Father
13-Jul-2020 10:30 The God of High School S01E02 renewal/soul
13-Jul-2020 10:45 Home Is Where the Art Is S02E06 Episode 6
13-Jul-2020 11:00 Car Fix S09E06 Supercharged Studebaker
13-Jul-2020 12:15 Pointless S23E21 Episode 21
13-Jul-2020 12:23 Fruits Basket S02E15 See You Later
13-Jul-2020 12:30 Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart S01E36 The Perfect Couple
13-Jul-2020 13:00 Days of Our Lives S2020E138 Ep. #13893
13-Jul-2020 13:30 For Better or Worse S17E01 Episode 1
13-Jul-2020 13:30 Hollyoaks S26E92 13/07/20
13-Jul-2020 13:30 Taagad S02E14 Oxytocin
13-Jul-2020 14:00 Éjjel-Nappal Budapest S08E01 Episode 1
13-Jul-2020 14:00 Emmerdale S51E119 Monday 13th July
13-Jul-2020 14:00 Rita S05E07 Søen
13-Jul-2020 14:00 The One Show S2020E130 13/07/2020
13-Jul-2020 14:00 The Talk S2020E120 Regina Hall, Elaine Welteroth
13-Jul-2020 14:15 Tehran S01E06 The Engineer
13-Jul-2020 14:30 Coronation Street S61E112 Monday 13th July
13-Jul-2020 14:30 Panorama S2020E25 How Scotland Cut Violent Crime
13-Jul-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E01 9955. rész
13-Jul-2020 15:00 Barátok közt S23E02 9956. rész
13-Jul-2020 15:00 Blålys S04E11 Episode 11
13-Jul-2020 15:00 Blålys S04E12 Episode 12
13-Jul-2020 15:00 Ultimate Police Interceptors S05E02 Episode 2
13-Jul-2020 15:30 University Challenge (1994) S50E01 Glasgow v Exeter
13-Jul-2020 16:00 The People's Court S23E176 Taking From A Tenant
13-Jul-2020 17:00 Comedians: Home Alone S01E07 Episode 7
13-Jul-2020 17:00 Stargirl S01E09 Brainwave
13-Jul-2020 17:45 I May Destroy You S01E11 Would You Like to Know the Sex?
13-Jul-2020 17:45 I May Destroy You S01E12 Ego Death
13-Jul-2020 18:30 ABC World News Tonight with David Muir S2020E184 Episode 184
13-Jul-2020 18:30 CBS Evening News S2020E195 E0713
13-Jul-2020 20:00 90 Day Fiancé: B90 Strikes Back! S01E04 Baby Be Mine
13-Jul-2020 20:00 Anderson Cooper 360° S18E101 Episode 101
13-Jul-2020 20:00 Antiques Roadshow (US) S24E22 Vintage Salt Lake City
13-Jul-2020 20:00 Black Ink Crew Chicago S06E14 Mucus Still Plugged
13-Jul-2020 20:00 Street Outlaws: Memphis S04E18 Slam Donks
13-Jul-2020 20:00 The Kelly Clarkson Show S01E159 Rob Lowe, Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Kirk Franklin, Bill Engvall
13-Jul-2020 20:00 The Titan Games S02E08 East Region Premiere: UFC Champ Tyron Woodley and Gold Medalist Hannah Teter
13-Jul-2020 20:00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? S16E11 Gary Anthony Williams 5
13-Jul-2020 20:00 WWE Monday Night RAW S27E28 #1416 - WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL
13-Jul-2020 21:00 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way S02E07 I'm Not Your Baby
13-Jul-2020 21:00 American Pickers S21E18 Moonshine and Motors
13-Jul-2020 21:00 Below Deck Mediterranean S05E07 No Mushroom For Error
13-Jul-2020 21:00 Big Time Bake S01E06 Travel
13-Jul-2020 21:00 Buried Worlds with Don Wildman S01E06 Devil Swamp
13-Jul-2020 21:00 Penn & Teller: Fool Us S07E04 Teller Talks!!!
13-Jul-2020 21:00 The Rachel Maddow Show S2020E130 Episode 130
13-Jul-2020 22:00 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Other Way S01E06 I'm Not Your Baby
13-Jul-2020 22:00 American Dad! S16E14 Ghost Dad
13-Jul-2020 22:00 Beyond the Unknown S03E07 Alaskan Sea Monster, Ben Franklin's Bones and Raining Frogs
13-Jul-2020 22:00 Diesel Brothers S07E04 Tanks A Lot
13-Jul-2020 22:00 F*ck That's Delicious S04E10 Bronx to Farm Cuisine
13-Jul-2020 22:00 Love & Listings S02E02 Someone's a Liar
13-Jul-2020 22:00 Pawn Stars S17E26 A Dam Good Road Trip
13-Jul-2020 22:00 Your Worst Nightmare S06E02 Danger In Store
13-Jul-2020 22:30 Most Expensivest S04E10 Lake Life
13-Jul-2020 23:00 Conan S2020E72 Lauren Lapkus
13-Jul-2020 23:00 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah S2020E84 Hillary Clinton
13-Jul-2020 23:00 VICE News Tonight S05E61 July 13, 2020
13-Jul-2020 23:00 Watch What Happens Live S17E115 Malia White & Robert Westergaard
13-Jul-2020 23:35 Jimmy Kimmel Live S2020E87 Laverne Cox, Margo Price, guest host Iliza Shlesinger
13-Jul-2020 23:35 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert S2020E90 Stephen Colbert from home, with Norah O'Donnell, IDK
13-Jul-2020 23:35 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon S2020E113 Charlize Theron, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Little Big Town

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