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Air Date Time Show Name Epis# Episode Title A W
13-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E25 Shintaro
13-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E26 Into The Dark
14-Sep-2020 22:00 American Dad! S16E23 300
15-Sep-2020 16:00 All Creatures Great and Small S01E03 Andante
15-Sep-2020 16:00 Des S01E02 Episode 2
16-Sep-2020 03:01 Challenger: The Final Flight S01E02 HELP!
16-Sep-2020 03:01 Criminal: UK S02E01 Julia
16-Sep-2020 03:01 Criminal: UK S02E02 Alex
16-Sep-2020 03:01 Criminal: UK S02E03 Danielle
16-Sep-2020 03:01 Criminal: UK S02E04 Sandeep
16-Sep-2020 16:00 Des S01E03 Episode 3
17-Sep-2020 03:01 Raised by Wolves S01E06 Lost Paradise
17-Sep-2020 03:01 Raised by Wolves S01E07 Faces
18-Sep-2020 03:01 Ratched S01E07 The Bucket List
18-Sep-2020 03:01 Ratched S01E08 Mildred and Edmund
18-Sep-2020 03:01 Ted Lasso S01E08 The Diamond Dogs
18-Sep-2020 23:00 Room 104 S04E09 The Last Man
20-Sep-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E01 Tunnel C6
20-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E27 The Worst Rescue Ever
20-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E28 The Two Blades
21-Sep-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E02 Saturday - The Son
21-Sep-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E02 Right here, right now #2
22-Sep-2020 16:00 All Creatures Great and Small S01E04 A Tricki Case
24-Sep-2020 03:01 Raised by Wolves S01E09 Umbilical
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Ted Lasso S01E09 All Apologies
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E02 Just A Fanboy
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E03 Tuesday's Child
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E04 not slow not bad
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E05 Order 2472
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E06 Respect Your Purpose
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E07 Talking Hurts
25-Sep-2020 03:01 Utopia S01E08 Stay Alive, Jessica Hyde
25-Sep-2020 21:00 A Wilderness of Error S01E01 Girl in a Floppy Hat
25-Sep-2020 21:00 A Wilderness of Error S01E02 A Time of Suspicion
25-Sep-2020 21:00 A Wilderness of Error S01E03 Should the Jury Find...
25-Sep-2020 23:00 Room 104 S04E10 The Night Babby Died
27-Sep-2020 14:00 Patria S01E01 Octubre Benigno
27-Sep-2020 14:00 Patria S01E02 Encuentros
27-Sep-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E02 De utvalda
27-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E29 Queen Of The Munce
27-Sep-2020 17:30 NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu S13E30 Trial By Mino
27-Sep-2020 20:00 The Simpsons S32E01 Undercover Burns
27-Sep-2020 21:00 Lovecraft Country S01E07 I Am.
27-Sep-2020 21:00 The Comey Rule S01E01 Night One
27-Sep-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E01 Stewie's First Word
27-Sep-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E01 Welcome to the Alternate Economy
27-Sep-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E02 The Land of Taking and Killing
28-Sep-2020 03:01 50 States of Fright S02E01 TBA
28-Sep-2020 20:00 The Sounds S01E06 Episode 6
28-Sep-2020 21:00 The Comey Rule S01E02 Night Two
28-Sep-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E03 Sunday - The Ghost
28-Sep-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E03 Right here, right now #3
29-Sep-2020 06:30 Wentworth S08E10 The Enervator
29-Sep-2020 16:00 All Creatures Great and Small S01E05 All's Fair
30-Sep-2020 20:00 The 100 S07E16 The Last War
30-Sep-2020 22:00 Archer S11E04 Robot Factory
01-Oct-2020 03:01 Raised by Wolves S01E10 The Beginning
01-Oct-2020 03:01 Star Trek: Lower Decks S01E09 TBA
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E01 Port Fourchon, LA
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E02 Eugene, OR
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E03 New Orleans, LA
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E04 New York, NY
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E05 Plainfield, IL
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E06 Palacios, TX
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E07 Iron River, MI
02-Oct-2020 03:01 Monsterland S01E08 Newark, NJ
02-Oct-2020 03:01 The Boys S02E07 Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
02-Oct-2020 21:00 A Wilderness of Error S01E04 When a Narrative Becomes Reality
02-Oct-2020 21:00 A Wilderness of Error S01E05 A Wilderness of Error
02-Oct-2020 23:00 Room 104 S04E11 Fur
04-Oct-2020 14:00 Patria S01E03 Últimas Meriendas
04-Oct-2020 15:00 Top Gear (UK) S29E01 Episode 1
04-Oct-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E03 Guldtåget
04-Oct-2020 20:00 The Simpsons S32E02 I, Carumbus
04-Oct-2020 21:00 Lovecraft Country S01E08 Jig-a-Bobo
04-Oct-2020 21:00 The Walking Dead S10E16 A Certain Doom
04-Oct-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E02 The Talented Mr. Stewie
04-Oct-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E03 Raddoppiarlo
04-Oct-2020 22:00 The Good Lord Bird S01E01 Meet The Lord
04-Oct-2020 22:00 The Walking Dead: World Beyond S01E01 Brave
05-Oct-2020 20:00 The Sounds S01E07 Episode 7
05-Oct-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E04 Monday - The Mother
05-Oct-2020 22:00 Soulmates S01E01 Episode 1
05-Oct-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E04 Right here, right now #4
06-Oct-2020 16:00 All Creatures Great and Small S01E06 A Cure for All Ills
07-Oct-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E01 Episode 1
07-Oct-2020 22:00 Archer S11E05 Best Friends
08-Oct-2020 03:01 Star Trek: Lower Decks S01E10 TBA
08-Oct-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E14 Last Holiday
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Boys S02E08 What I Know
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E01 The Great Good Place
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E02 The Pupil
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E03 The Two Faces Pt 1
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E04 The Way It Came
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E05 The Altar of the Dead
09-Oct-2020 03:01 The Haunting of Bly Manor S01E06 The Jolly Corner
09-Oct-2020 23:00 Room 104 S04E12 Generations
11-Oct-2020 14:00 Patria S01E04 Txato, Entzun, Pim, Pam, Pum
11-Oct-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E04 Lösning
11-Oct-2020 20:00 The Simpsons S32E03 Now Museum, Now You Don't
11-Oct-2020 21:00 Fear the Walking Dead S06E01 The End is the Beginning
11-Oct-2020 21:00 Lovecraft Country S01E09 Rewind 1921
11-Oct-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E03 Boys & Squirrels
11-Oct-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E04 The Pretend War
11-Oct-2020 22:00 The Good Lord Bird S01E02 A Wicked Plot
11-Oct-2020 22:00 The Walking Dead: World Beyond S01E02 The Blaze of Gory
12-Oct-2020 20:00 The Sounds S01E08 Episode 8
12-Oct-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E05 Tuesday - The Daughter
12-Oct-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E05 Right here, right now #5
14-Oct-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E02 Episode 2
14-Oct-2020 22:00 Archer S11E06 The Double Date
15-Oct-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E15 Gimme Shelter
15-Oct-2020 20:30 Star Trek: Discovery S03E01 TBA
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E01 Brooklyn 2020
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E02 See Me
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E03 Relationship Goals
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E04 Safety On
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E05 Valentine's Day
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E06 Superman This Shit
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E07 Making Moves
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E08 Spirit Day
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E09 Hail Mary
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E10 Freedom
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Grand Army S01E11 New York Unit
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E01 Mother's Little Helpers
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E02 Viaticum
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E03 The One Who Got Away
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E04 Containment
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E05 Committed
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E06 Leviathan
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E07 Scars
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E08 Underneath
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E09 Vessels
16-Oct-2020 03:01 Helstrom S01E10 Hell Storm
18-Oct-2020 14:00 Patria S01E05 El País de los Callados
18-Oct-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E05 Teologer
18-Oct-2020 20:00 The Simpsons S32E04 Treehouse Of Horror Xxxi
18-Oct-2020 21:00 Lovecraft Country S01E10 Full Circle
18-Oct-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E04 Cutawayland
18-Oct-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E05 The Birthplace of Civilization
18-Oct-2020 22:00 The Good Lord Bird S01E03 Mister Fred
19-Oct-2020 21:00 The Third Day S01E06 Last Day - The Dark
19-Oct-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E06 Right here, right now #6
21-Oct-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E03 Episode 3
21-Oct-2020 22:00 Archer S11E07 Caught Napping
22-Oct-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E16 Drag Me Away (From You)
25-Oct-2020 15:00 Patria S01E06 Episode 6
25-Oct-2020 16:00 White Wall S01E06 Det oförklarliga
25-Oct-2020 21:00 The Undoing S01E01 The Undoing
25-Oct-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E05 La Famiglia Guy
25-Oct-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E06 Episode 6
25-Oct-2020 22:00 The Good Lord Bird S01E04 Smells Like Bear
26-Oct-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E07 Right here, right now #7
28-Oct-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E04 Episode 4
28-Oct-2020 22:00 Archer S11E08 Cold Fusion
29-Oct-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E17 Unity
30-Oct-2020 03:01 The Mandalorian S02E01 TBA
30-Oct-2020 03:01 Truth Seekers S01E01 Episode 1
01-Nov-2020 14:00 Patria S01E07 Episode 7
01-Nov-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E07 -
01-Nov-2020 21:00 The Undoing S01E02 The Missing
01-Nov-2020 21:30 Family Guy S19E06 Meg's Wedding
01-Nov-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E07 Episode 7
02-Nov-2020 22:00 We Are Who We Are S01E08 Right here, right now #8
04-Nov-2020 15:00 His Dark Materials S02E01 TBA
04-Nov-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E05 Episode 5
05-Nov-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E18 The Truth
08-Nov-2020 14:00 Patria S01E08 Episode 8
08-Nov-2020 15:00 White Wall S01E08 -
08-Nov-2020 21:00 The Undoing S01E03 Do No Harm
08-Nov-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E08 Episode 8
09-Nov-2020 21:00 Industry S01E01 Episode 1
10-Nov-2020 21:00 A Teacher S01E01 Episode 1
10-Nov-2020 21:00 A Teacher S01E02 Episode 2
10-Nov-2020 21:00 A Teacher S01E03 Episode 3
11-Nov-2020 20:00 Chicago Med S06E01 Episode 1
11-Nov-2020 20:00 The Trickster S01E06 Episode 6
11-Nov-2020 21:00 Chicago Fire S09E01 Episode 1
11-Nov-2020 22:00 Chicago P.D. S08E01 Episode 1
12-Nov-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E19 Inherit the Earth
12-Nov-2020 21:00 Grey's Anatomy S17E01 Episode 1
12-Nov-2020 21:00 Grey's Anatomy S17E02 Episode 2
13-Nov-2020 20:00 The Blacklist S08E01 Episode 1
15-Nov-2020 21:00 The Undoing S01E04 See No Evil
15-Nov-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E09 Episode 9
19-Nov-2020 20:00 Supernatural S15E20 Carry On
19-Nov-2020 22:00 A Million Little Things S03E01 Episode 1
22-Nov-2020 21:00 The Undoing S01E05 Trial By Fury
22-Nov-2020 22:00 Fargo S04E10 Episode 10

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